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How to Have A Diet Of Gluten Free Foods if you have Coeliac Disease?

Gluten is a protein which is commonly found in foods such as Rice, Wheat, Pasta and Pizza. In a general study, it was found out that about 2% of the populations living in Australia are suffering from Coeliac Disease. Over time when you have foods which contain a high amount of Gluten, the cells in your small intestines can get damaged. As a result, your body will not be able to absorb essential nutrients and this might have a direct impact on your health. If your one of the few rare people affected by this you may find that you are feeling weak and tired all of a sudden as the metabolism of your body gets affected gradually.

The only treatment for Coeliac Disease is to start with a Gluten-free Diet. However Gluten free foods are not essential for those not affected by Coeliac Disease, in fact it would deprive you of nutrients. See this article:  misconceptions about gluten free products

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Our Boost Nutrients brand features seeds, grains and fruit and vegetable powders for Acai bowls and smoothie ingredients that are naturally Gluten Free

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