Goji Berry Fruit Powder 500g – Boost Nutrients


  • High grade smoothie ingredients for healthy fruit smoothies
  • Made from premium Goji Berry puree
  • Healthy smoothies made easy with rich natural fruit powders
  • Keep healthy breakfast smoothies ready to go in your pantry
  • Give them breakfast smoothies that are healthy with Superfood powder
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Make easy healthy smoothies with Goji Berry powder a dried fruit powder for smoothie bowl ingredients also for Acai bowl or granola bowl toppings. Goji berries, also called wolfberries have been used as a herb in traditional chinese medicine for thousands of years. That have been served fresh, dried or powdered as a herbal tea. Chinese medicine has always been based on obseved results without the scientific data and analysis. However modern science has now measured them as containing quite high levels of antioxidants, which are known to boost the immune system and so may help protect the body against damage from free radicals. With higher levels of protein, these impressive berries provide 11 essential amino acids, which is higher that than most other berries. Most importantly they contain specific antioxidants called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides, which are believed to give us very powerfull health benefits. As a fruit, goji berries are fairly high in protein and fiber and contain around the same levels of vitamin C as citrus fruit by volume. So Goji berry fruit is considered a super-food as it is very healthy, higher scoring berry fruit of those thought to be good anti-cancer foods. Boost Nutrients are Australian distributors of high-quality food powders to cafes caterers and other retailers. We offer high quality nutrient rich ingredients with real nutritional value from raw fruit and vegetable ingredients. Our products are manufactured under HACCP certified conditions and from organic certified manufacturers and processors where we show organic products. Boost Nutrients is a local Aussie brand that uses only fresh raw ingredients sourced from Australian growers wherever practical and otherwise from high-quality overseas suppliers. Our natural fruit and vegetable powders are ideal ingredients for many types of healthy food products. They are particularly good for quick healthy smoothies and for toppings for Acai bowl and or granola bowl meals. High Nutrient Retention. The Boost Nutrients brand fruit & vegetable powders have a high retention of nutrients due to the unique drying process. For example, our Beetroot juice powder has Nitrite levels at 2180 mg per 100g and our carrot juice powder has beta-carotene levels of 1010 mg per Kg. Not Freeze-Dried Products. The Boost Nutrients powders fruit & Veg powders are made with a totally different technology to freeze dried products. They are made with a low temperature continuous evaporation process which is very gentle on the ingredients. Its also a much faster process where the low temperature drying process retains the nutrients and volatile flavours food colours without diminishing them during the process. This unique low-temperature drying process gently forms a natural crystalline structure. It easily the most gentle and least intrusive method around and is far superior to every other method in preserving the food flavour, aroma and the colour and most of course the precious nutrients. They products are first turned into a puree then evaporated. So, the powders produced are pure and natural with much higher nutritional value. How To use Boost Nutrients Powders. The above data shows the ratio of powder to real fruit or vegetables for each product. This will allow users to calculate how use the powders instead of real fruit or vegetables from a recipe. Gluten Free Product. All of the Boost Nutrient powdered Fruit and vegetable products are gluten free and allergen free. Product Storage. Boost Nutrient’s Powders have quite a long shelf life (as much as 24 months from manufacture) if correctly stored. They are packed in foil lined resealable bags. We recommend storing all unopened powders in a cool dry place, ideally less than 20C. After opening it is best to push the air out of the packet before re-seal the bag carefully with its zip lock. You should preferably store resealed bags in the fridge to ensure low moisture. Never leave bags opened for as the powders will absorb moisture from the air. Made in Australia. The Boost Nutrients business brand is Australian owned. All the Boost Nutrients fruit & vegetable powders are made in Australia at a state-of-the-art drying facility in Queensland. Ingredients used are mainly Australia grown with the remainder imported when suitable local fruit and vegetables can nor be located.

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Give them breakfast smoothies that are healthy with Superfood powder

Country Of Origin: Product of China
Ingredients: 100% Goji Berry Puree
Allergen Statement: Does not contain any additives or fillers.


Energy:                   1440
Protein:                  8.7
Total Fats:             6
-Saturated Fats   0
Carbohydrates     67
– Sugars                34
Sodium                  409

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Author: Opera Foods. “Goji Berry Fruit Powder 500g – Boost Nutrients.”, Opera Foods Wholesale Suppliers. Accessed 2019. BUY Goji Berry Powder