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Organic kale vegetable powder

Opera Foods, are wholesale food suppliers of Gourmet and organic online groceries to Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane Retailers

High Grade Smoothie Ingredients

Buy high grade smoothie ingredients online. Opera Foods are the manufacturers and distributors of organic food and gourmet grocery products. Opera Foods was established in the year 2006 and it is owned by an Australian family.  Some of of Opera Food’s own brands are Plum Foods, Boost Nutrients, Pep Tea, Mulberry Tree, Almonde, Bush Cookies, Finom and The Lolly Shop.

Boost Nutrients produces high grade smoothie ingredients from healthy fruits and vegetable powders, for acai bowl toppings and smoothie ingredients. Organic kale vegetable powder is a good example produced from premium organic kale. You can make healthy smoothies with organic kale vegetable powder. Our organic kale vegetable powder 100g-Boost Nutrients is quite a favourite among high grade nutritional ingredients.

Visit Boost Nutrients or the Opera Foods parent company online store to know more details about the products. Book your favourite product now and get online discounts on these products.