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Opera Foods, are wholesale food suppliers of Gourmet and organic online groceries to Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane Retailers

Healthy Breakfast Ideas made easy with Bircher Muesli

The Fig and Apricot Organic Bircher Muesli from Plum foods, a registered brand of Opera Foods who offers healthy Bircher style breakfast Muesli wholesale. It is a mix of high-value ingredients of vitamins and nutrients such as Organic Oats, Pesticide-free almonds, apricots, barley flakes, and spices.

The Fig and Apricot Bircher Muesli has an amazingly delicious taste and gives endurance for the day because of all the Low GI ingredients which are used. There is no added sugar or artificial preservatives and the majority of the components by volume, used in the mixture are organic or insecticide free. The Bircher style Muesli is a favorite among Plum Food’ customers. To enjoy the benefits and savor to the fullest soak it overnight in water. Cook it up and serve it with fresh yogurt. You can also add blueberries or Acai berry powder as toppings.

Opera Foods are organic wholesale food Suppliers who specialize in Granola and Muesli products. We provide healthy breakfast cereals which are a mixture of organic natural ingredients from our Boost Nutrients brand. You have a wide range of options to select from if you love gourmet foods. Make a gourmet gift basket which is a combo of different products for birthdays and family events.  Visit our online store where you can order the large 1kg pack which is perfect for large families and retail shops, whereas the 500gm pack is best for grocers.