Organic Matcha Japanese Premium Tea Powder – 100g


  • Matcha is high in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) the cancer fighting catechin
  • Authentic Japanese Certified Organic Matcha Powder
  • increases metabolism helps burn fat improves Cholesterol memory & mood.
  • ""Premium"" is a medium granule organic culinary grade
  • Matcha Tea is an antioxidant powerhouse because it uses all of the tea leaf.
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Dedicated Matcha Tea drinkers want the good stuff. Certified organic, Japanese matcha tea powder from importer Pep Tea. Pep Tea’s Premium grade organic matcha tea, is an autum crop, and certified organically grown by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture. This grade is preferred for cooking with superfood Matcha Tea Powder, and is a blend from the Kagoshima, Kyoto, Mie and Aichi region tea plantations of southern Japan. High quality Matcha green tea powder is made from the nutrient-rich young tea leaves picked from the tips of shade-grown tea plants. The leaves are ground into very fine powder. Pep Tea brand Matcha 100g and 1kg bulk packs are foil lined re-sealable pouches that stand up with front labels that show the most popular ways people take their matcha tea, and back labels that explain the difference between matcha tea and traditional green tea, to enable best presentation in your store. The back label also shows the organic certification logo of the Japanese ministry of Agriculture. Matcha Green Tea powder is known to be one of the most powerful natural super foods available , which is why you should enjoy the benefits of Matcha Tea by drinking a cup every day. This is the Good Stuff, so ” Put some Pep in Your Step” .

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Our Organic Matcha Japanese Premium Tea Powder – 100g is a favorite in gourmet foods for  Matcha,Organic Matcha, Australian Distributor, Japanese Tea, culinary grade, cooking,. Matcha is high in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) the cancer fighting catechin

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Matcha Tea is an antioxidant powerhouse because it uses all of the tea leaf.

Country Of Origin: Organically grown in Japan
Ingredients: 100% Organic, Powdered matcha tea.
Allergen Statement: Contains Caffeine, not recommended for pregnancy or children.


Energy:                   13556kj
Protein:                  30600mg
Total Fats:             0.0mg
-Saturated Fats   0.0mg
Carbohydrates     38500mg
– Sugars                0.0mg
Sodium                  0.0mg

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Author: Opera Foods. “Organic Matcha Japanese Premium Tea Powder – 100g.”, Opera Foods Wholesale Suppliers. Accessed 2019. BUY Japanese Matcha Tea Powder